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Empowering Through Actions

Empowering Child through “Actions” is an act to change lives for the better

We always believe that change is the only permanent thing in this world and that a change for one’s betterment is always considered the best change that may happen to any individual. Daystar In Action seeks to change the lives of children through martial arts training, and cultural arts education. To make these changes possible to happen in the of lives of these children, our mentors work with children in the community, in their schools, churches/congregation they belong and in places in between.  DIA uses a dynamic structure that engages its students, members, leaders and organizations in the “TOTAL EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM” which is composed of five elements.

Empowering  children  is  our  way  of  life  at  Daystar  In  Action  (DIA).  We  create  change  and opportunities, educate, instill discipline, build confidence and help children develop a life-long life skills that will enrich their lives forever. Through our successful program with case studies, children have gain a better leverage in life with instilled discipline through our DIA programs. Teaching leadership and management skills at an early age brings the foundation of a child a blueprint to their life skills road to success.

These Five Elements in our “Total Empowerment Program” are:

  1. Program Instruction

  1. Empowering Families in Action

  1. Partners in Action

  1. Empowering partners in Action

  1. Professional Partners in Action

Daystar in Action aims to make better changes in the community by empowering less privileged youth and at-risk adults. As part of our mission and vision, we make this possible by working together with families, community leaders, and other organizations as well.

With us working together, making better changes will never be an impossible thing.