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How We Work And Where We Work

How we work comes from our love of teaching, our patience and a bit of understanding of our students. With many years of experience teaching and mentoring, we have found that it helps to know about their behavior and their inner self. In order for us to take part in helping their mental growth our teacher need to understand the lives of the students.

We patiently set ground rules for our martial arts training from the very beginning. By providing explanations of how we teach at each level helps them to develop their techniques and focus. Giving them abundance of positive feedback enhances their self-confidence in what they are learning. We make it easy for each child to learn. The ratio of instructors to students is very important to give each child adequate attention to create balance in learning. This helps inspire discipline, respect and listening skills.

Our place of work is an environment where there are few interruptions to help with concentration on learning. A safe sanctuary becomes like their second home.