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Our Focus

Children become dreamers at a very young age. But sadly, because of some circumstances, they are deprived of reaching their dreams. Underprivileged children is “our focus”

DIA instructors have seen this reality and we have work to help these children reach those dreams.

Our children aspire to be many things when they grow up and for most children those interests change and evolve as they grow. Our research has found that most underprivileged children seek knowledge about computers, which have become a basic need. In addition, many of these children have learned to love music and arts as well. Both of these interests are essential to success no matter where that child finds themselves as an adult.

Because we work with children every day from every background and privilege, DIA staff has been able to develop programs that work. With four main programs we can begin building confidence, enthusiasm, and passion, not only for learning, but in becoming who they want to be. These four programs include Transformation With Confidence, Bridging Computers To Children, Music To Your Ears and Find Yourself With Arts.

Our partners possess golden hearts and are passionate about positive change. We have always believed that the more hands work together in realizing our objectives, the sooner these children’s dream will come true. Come, join us, and together let us build these children’s future.