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Our History


The story of Daystar In Action begins with a little boy, orphaned at age 10. Luckily, he came to live in the United States from the Philippines with his aunt and uncle. He was encouraged to participate in many team sports growing up. He found refuge in painting at an early age. Painting gave him solitude, peacefulness, expression, and strength.

However, he found martial arts training built his mental discipline, focus, respect, obedience, perseverance and patience.

A scholarship for Fine Arts to college paved the way to his success. Exercising was another way to stay fit and he found it exhilarating and a form of self-assurance and empowerment. Staying active was as meaningful as his painting. His martial arts mentor instilled discipline, respect and honor, confidence and how to deal with bullying.

Daystar Mission

Daystar In Action is a non-profit organization that exists to fulfill the needs and wishes of underprivileged children beyond physical fitness. It exists to establish core values, and education to empower each child for a better tomorrow.


We adopt these principles of Core Values to achieve our Mission and to empower underprivileged children, including our DIA members and volunteers. The Core Values is part of our like skills that we implement in our EmpowerKidz Program.


Giving our word and following-through for our underprivileged children is the most sincere gift we can offer. Our determination, focus, and resources are here to provide learning to the underprivileged children of our communities. We offer this same level of integrity to all DIA affiliates, sponsors, donors, members, students, and families.


We are committed to helping the underprivileged, to pass on knowledge and experiences with compassion and respect. Teaching children to be accountable, we collectively and individually are accountable and take full responsibility for achieving our goals and mission.