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Take Action With Us

Childhood should be a time of innocence and fun, but for many children around the world, it is but a curse of stress, hunger and illiteracy. While other kids enjoy the comforts of a happy family with their basic needs provided, unfortunately, others die without even experiencing the taste of pure joy.

Daystar in Action (DIA) has the vision to bring back fun and innocence to childhood before it is too late.

Wouldn’t it be great to see kids playing around freely without a crease on their brows and a hunch on their shoulders as if they carry the burdens of the world on their back? Wouldn’t it paint a smile on your lips to see kids joyfully sing nursery rhymes instead of peddling their wares till their voice is hoarse just to earn a living? Wouldn’t it grip your heart with happiness to see kids in their neat school uniforms, ready for a new day of fun and learning, instead of gallivanting on the street, asking for alms?

Sad to say, the situations cited above exist in countries where children’s rights are forsaken. The root of the problem too deep to fathom, hence, the same problem has remained for many years now.

Daystar in Action is here to help. We do not only unite unselfish individuals to give provision to children impacted by poverty, hunger and tragedy but most importantly, this organization hopes to improve the well-being, self-esteem and dignity of the children in dire need.

The good news is you can also do your share by taking action with us by Giving Donations, Giving Through Your Work, Being A Volunteer, Becoming A Corporate Partner, Holding A Fundraiser, and Giving Love or Leaving A Legacy.

It’s time to act now and together let’s bring light to these children’s dark path.

Experience the joy of giving.